Our Story


Mr. Bui Thanh An


Mr. Bui Thanh An has extensive management and business administration experience. Graduating from a ship major with extensive professional knowledge and good professional skills are the factors we can see in a senior CEO.

He can inspire employees to create optimal working motivation, assist in achieving group objectives, and encourage further development, which is also our tactic in commercial operations.

A company that focuses in the betterment of the lives around.

Master Link founded in 2018 in Vietnam by Mr. Bui Thanh An. The company was basically established to conduct and develop business from various types including in the field of education where it started building private schools in Vietnam.

MLC Vietnam

Today, Master Links is going further to develop business affairs by forming a business system of various products and directly give opportunities to those who are interested in increasing income and developing various businesses with the latest systems and various products at the international and world level.

MLC Malaysia

In collaboration with a group of companies in Malaysia, DPL Trading which is founded by Mr Sazali Mahpoz, Master Link intentions and goals is to expand and strengthen businessmen starting at the Asian level and expanding to the international level. The target are not just ordinary products, but also in a vision that will give birth to many millionaires from various countries especially in Asia.